Director's Statement

I live in a great state. It's a state where the wonder of nature is a constant lure, inviting one to get outside, and enjoy the bounty of the coast, or the mountains, or the great, deep woods. It's because of this I was drawn into the path that lead me to creating BlueGreen.

A few years back I made a film, which I thought would be fun. It basically portrayed a number of characters doing crazy things in a fringe edge of a sport. Specifically, surfing in New England's frozen winter ocean, where the water temperature seldom exceeds 34 degrees and the wind blows a constant 20 knots out of the northwest, lowering the windchill to well below zero. This is usually when the waves are and these hardy souls would still brave the weather in order to surf. It was during the investigations and my production of this film that the kernal of BlueGreen started to develop. There was something more than the simple desire to ride waves that was pushing these folks to get in the water, even in the most extreme conditions.

What was it? No one person seemed to have an answer. But there was something definitely to it. Throughout recorded history, poets, artists, musicians have all attempted to describe the lure of the ocean. Not just for seafarers and mariners, but for the common man as well. It intrigued me. Why wasn't this true about the mountains? Rivers or lakes? The great plains of the desert? Was it just the mystery of the unfathomnable unknown? Or was there something more to it?

I decided then that I wanted to know. I wanted some sort of concrete answer as to why we as a species are so drawn to this body of water, whether we lived in Iowa or on the Alaskan coast. What was the deal? My research took me places I never ever imagined. It took me down the road of religion, fringe evolutionary theory, and into the hearts and minds of folks who have spent time thinking about the subject. Most distressingly though, it took me to a place I didn't really want to go. To a place where the warning signs were clear. Regardless of where your connection lies, if you sever it, or abuse the ocean, there could be dire consequences for all of us. I didn't want to hear that. I wanted there to be nothing but joy and wonderment at the possibilities of some sort of connection.

But here it was. So I needed to somehow put all this together. The message to me, was important enough to portray on film. I found a handful of incredible personalities, the leaders in their respective fields, whether they be scientists, religious leaders, activists, theorists, surfers, or watermen. We sat down and really got to the heart of the matter. The result is BlueGreen, an investigation into the Human connection to the ocean, through a sport specific lens.

Now, it isn't really a surf film, and I never really intended it to be. However, while doing my investigations I did find that a significant portion of the folks I was speaking with were not only leaders in their fields but also avid watermen and women themselves. It seemed natural and logical to me that this was the case. Who else spends so much time communing with the sea, and working with it's movement instead of against it? To me this would have to be a central theme of the film. The imagery and the message tied together. The beauty of the moving wave and the investigation of our bonds were inextricable to me.

The result is a film filled with wonder and discovery, certainly for me. Incredible ideas about the connection to the ocean, the need to protect it, combined with footage shot around the world, of some of the worlds most talented surfers, and incredible coastlines. Beauty, but with a message. One of thoughtful reflection and warning, but of hope as well. But the funny thing is, it turned out to be highly personal. There wasn't a textbook answer about where our connections lay for any one person. nothing. Which was actually sort of liberating for me and I tried to portray that in BlueGreen.

Living so close to the ocean in this great state I am lucky enough to be able to visit it whenever I want. It's just a quick 5 minute drive from my house. I lived away from it for a long period of time, but always felt restless and distracted. BlueGreen has helped me to discover why that was. I don't believe I will ever let that happen again!