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Here are press snippets...

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Director Ben Keller is interviewed on NPR's 'Maine Things Considered'   
A few video comments from the crowd at the fundraising event.
Excellent Fundraiser Screening article from the Bowdoin Orient.
The Lewsiton Sun Journal weighs in on the fundraiser screening.
The Nothern New England Surfrider Chapter reviews the fundraiser evening.


It's been a long road, but I am pleased, no- totally psyched! To announce that BlueGreen, my latest documentary about the human connection to the ocean (through a surf-centric lens) has been picked up for world-wide distribution! The release is September 28.

That's right! Cinema Libre Studios', earthNow! imprint has picked up BlueGreen for DVD, VOD, broadcast and select screenings world-wide! I can not even express how exciting this is for me and the film.

I will have more news in the coming months about what is happening with the film, in terms of screenings, festivals, where you can find it and more. The website and the Facebook page (and even twitter!) will be carrying more as well. Stay tuned, and thanks so much to all of you who have supported me through this process. You know who you are!


It's been a while, so here is the quicky run down... We spent the last 12 months finishing off the edits. Once it was completed we ran a full court press on the international film festival circuit. BlueGreen played in 9 international fests, and won 'Best Travel Film' in the Santa Barbara Ocean Film festival. It's all hugely exciting and we are incredibly amped to get the film out in front of folks.