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September '10

It's been a long road, but I am pleased, no- totally psyched! To announce that BlueGreen, my latest documentary about the human connection to the ocean (through a surf-centric lens) has been picked up for world-wide distribution! The release is September 28.

That's right! Cinema Libre Studios', earthNow! imprint has picked up BlueGreen for DVD, VOD, broadcast and select screenings world-wide! I can not even express how exciting this is for me and the film.

As far as extras go, (every DVD needs 'em!) this DVD has extended interviews with Keith Malloy, Jim Moriarty of the Surfrider Foundation, and of course the eloquent Rabbi Nachum Shifren- the surfing Rabbi. It will also feature a 6 minute mini feature of surfing in a little trafficked corner of the US- The Northeast. Additionally it will have the soundtrack as DVD-ROM content, and features French and Spanish subtitles! It's loaded!

AND! The excellent folks at Cinemal Libre Studios have teamed up with the group that helped promote the documentary 'The Cove' to help promote BlueGreen. Which is pretty much unbelievably huge in itself.

I am incredibly excited on so many different levels. It's a huge deal for me as a film maker, and I think it's a huge deal for the message of the film. Which (very broadly) is that we are all connected, whether we acknowledge it or not, to the ocean. And if we continue to abuse it, we are done for. There is more to the film but that is part of the core.

I know I leaked this news to some folks, but generally I tried to keep this under my hat until the release date was set. Not that it's ready to roll on September 28, I hope you will look for it. It's a great film that I am very proud of. Whether you like surf, you love the ocean, or just colorful personalities, it connects on a lot of different levels.

I will have more news in the coming months about what is happening with the film, in terms of screenings, festivals, where you can find it and more. The website and the Facebook page (and even twitter!) will be carrying more as well. Stay tuned, and thanks so much to all of you who have supported me through this process. You know who you are!