About some of the people in BlueGreen:

There are so many great personalities in the film, all of whom are involved in really interesting ways with the ocean, and our connection to it. Here are some of the perosnalities and ways to find out what they are up to!
Keith Malloy is an avid activist and surfer, Keith believes actions speak louder than words. Quitting the competitive surf scene and joining up with environmentally conscious Patagonia, Keith has found a unique path to maintaining his ocean connections. Check out the happenings with the surf brand he is helping to develop.
Layne Beachley is 7 times Women's World surfing champion. An avid promoter of the sport, and of the ocean Layne continues to compete internationally, as well as actively promote women's surfing around the globe. Check out ehat Layne is up to and what she is doing for the sport of surfing as well as the foundation she helps promote.
Robert August first came to the world's attention starring in Bruce Brown's surf epic Endless Summer. But his ocean bonds go much deeper than that. Actor, surfboard shaper and all around Waterman, Robert is part of a family of ocean enthusiasts. If you haven't ever seen the Robert August site take a look to see what he and his company are up to.
Passionate is an understatement when referring to Sean Collins. In his drive to stay connected with the ocean Sean has created the largest surf media in the world. Surfline, the wave prediction website and media outlet that Sean has created is visited by almost anyone who wants to know anything about the motion of the ocean. There is always something great to explore on Surfine as well as the incredible wave forcast tool.
What does it take to sail around the world solo? Ask Liz Clark. Her desire to stay connected with the ocean has lead her on an incredible quest for waves. Somewhere in the South Pacific Liz currently chases swells and leads a simple life on the ocean. Check out where she is in the world today on her blog.
Rabbi Nachum Shifren lives in Los Angeles and Israel. He is actively involved in physical fitness training, surfing and water safety. He continues to publish, lecture and teach and is known worldwide as "The Surfing Rabbi." Always active in the surfing world you can find out what the Rabbi is up to on his site.
Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver is a well know surfer, actor and voice over talent. A Santa Cruz local, Wingnut has been an international personality for years. His distinctive voice is professional yet approachable, lending an air of familiarity to the film.
Jim Moriarty chairs the incredibly important Surfrider foundation. An international oganization dedicated to the preservation of quality and access of our nearshore waters. Doing good work around the world, you can find a local chapter and help how you can.

Don Perkins is President of the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute. It's local organizations like these that help now and will continue to help in the future in trying to preserve our ocean connections. See how they do it on their site.